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Watch : monitor in real time the TV investments of all brands across Europe

Airing calendar, TV context, investments amounts. Analyze media strategies of any brands through the major TV dimensions. Powerful and intuitive, the Watch platform allows you to discover in real time the brands TV broadcasts distribution.

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1/ Watch library : view all ads of the market

TV advertising remains first a creative. Using Watch, browse our TV ads library for free.

  • free and unlimited access to our library
  • + 50,000 TV ads recorded from + 8,000 brands
  • complete list of ad versions
  • search by brand/product name
  • date of the first and last detection

2/ Watch media plan : analyze the brand's TV media strategy

Get live access to the airing calendar of any brand. 100% online & intuitive, the platform enables a deep or a macro analysis of their TV choices.

Find the main axes of media analysis :

  • airing calendar : day part, day, hour
  • week vs week-end
  • TV channels

Follow precisely the brand's TV investments per :

  • day or day part
  • brand
  • product
  • TV channel

Get key insights confronting :

  • media planning between several brands
    (by channel, day, day part)
  • the seasonality of their communication
    (by week, month, quarter)
  • their budgets spent on TV

Look behind your boarders & track your competitors through all their markets :

  • France, Germany, Italy, UK, Spain, Belgium
  • cross-countries comparison
  • wide range of more than 90 international channels

As a marketer, do you really know the strategy down all details of your competitors ?

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One single platform to contextualize your analysis,
all in real time.

Audiovisual context

  • position & duration of the spot
  • size & duration of the adbreak
  • preferential screen
  • TV program & theme

TV media buying & competitors

  • tracked competitors in the same ad break
  • gross costs of TV ads
  • estimated reach generated SOON

Alert center NEW

  • e-mail alert when a new spot is detected
  • custom alert scope
  • unlimited creation of alerts
  • dedicated space for alert management