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Our TV detection technology

Our R&D teams have developed a TV & radio advertising detection technology capable of detecting in real time all TV broadcasts across Europe.

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Tech detects TV/radio ads in real-time across Europe
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Tech detects TV/radio ads in real-time across Europe


TV channels followed by our TV tracking technology


patents filed in Europe on our TV tracking technology

Reception of TV streams thanks to our data centre

vector tracks in real time all TV streams distributed throughout Europe.

Each of these streams is stored in our datacentres building an exhaustive data library. Our proprietary algorithm cuts each TV stream automatically to differentiate between TV programme and TV ad spot.


Indexing TV spots in our database


Each TV advertisement is cut automatically by our TV tracking algorithm and then indexed in a database.

Each spot is associated with a domain, a subdomain, a brand and a product name. As the database is being fed, only TV spots from new campaigns need indexing. Our library of TV spots is comprehensive within 48 hours.

Translation of images and sound into digital suite

TV spots are translated into digital code to facilitate the comparison process.

A TV spot is made up of a series of images. Storing and comparing images is very resource intensive.
Which is why we associate a fingerprint with each image, which is a serie of unique number. In same way, the sound is also translated numerically, and today's database of audio and video fingerprints is enriched with more than 15 million samples.


Real-time matching of encoded images with TV stream


In order to detect all TV advertising, TV spots' fingerprinting stored in our database are compared in real time with the TV stream.

A matching algorithm then checks whether there is a match between the encoded images/sound and the TV broadcasts.
The matching algorithm of makes a search 25 times per second It is this last step that allows us to create a complete media plan for any brand, accurate to the second.

TV tracking: how and why detecting TV ads in real time?

Become an expert on TV detection technology and its applications. Discover why it is essential to be able to track your TV spots in real time.

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